The man who sold the world.crd

The Man Who Sold the World

We passed along the

 la                                                 re-
stairs                          spoke of was and when               Altho' I
           la                                                   Fa
wasn't there                 he said I was his friend             which came
sol                                                          la
as a surprise               I spoke into his eyes                 I thought
              re-                             la
you died alone            a long long time ago
do                                                     Fa              not me                    we never lost control,
do                                                               Fa
you're face            to face            with the man who sold the world....

I laughed and shook his hand
                        re-                                    la
and made my way back home           I searched for form and land
                             Fa                                  sol
for years & years I roamed                 I gazed a gazely stare
                                      la                          re-
way more than a million years,            I must have died alone a
                       la                           do
long long      time ago                Who knows?
                                  Fa                      do
Not me,                   I never lost control,          you're face to  face,
with the man who sold the world

Who knows?          not me,
     F                                     C
We never lost control               you're face             to face
With the man who sold the world..

by @ndys