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# From: Baldessari <> Subject: Tab for "Bollicine" by Vasco Rossi Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 11:57:07 +-200 Here's my personal contribution to Vasco Rossi's song "Bollicine".It's not too accurate but I don't even have the tape so.Thanks to Gian for helping me out in this one. You'll have too figure out on your own how many times each part has to be played. "Bollicine" by Vasco Rossi PartI (4/4) A G Bm A

A G F#/D G F#/D A


End Part I Part II "Co - Ca Co - la " A G Bm A

End Part II Verse ---2


Chorus "Con tutte.." "Tutte quelle"


-2-4--2---2-4--2---|--and so on

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Bollicine Vasco Rossi a cura di Marcyx--- intro alternativo Intro e|--0
b|----2----3-0----3--0---- g|