Tell me.crd

Tell Me

Intro: Cm      Fm   Eb

Cm                      Bb
Tell me who you are now what you're waiting for
Cm                         Bb                         Fm    Bb
Will you be the same after you've gone through every door
Cm                                 Bb
Teach me how to play your game and whatcha wanna be
G#                                Gm
Will you recognize me when you've lost your honesty

Cm                                  Bb
Tell me you'll be happy once you'll have us all behind
Cm                                    Bb               Fm    Bb
Tell me about the kingdom you've been building in your mind
Cm                       Bb
Never really living is a lonely way to go
G#                                Gm
Will you ever understand, there's more than what you know

G#      Bb             Cm       Gm
Tell me who you'll be tomorrow
G#         Bb                C
Where will you keep all your sorrow

Cm                             Bb
Can I talk to you and will you listen, will you see
    Cm                         Bb           Fm    Bb
I'll only take an hour of your precious misery
Cm                                 Bb
I've been watching you and now I'm gonna tell you why
G#                                 Gm
I don't think your way of life can take you very high


C                        Bb                F                 C
Who will hold your hand, who will miss you when you're gone, don't you understand, I'm telling you
C                        Bb                F         C
Who will ease your pain, who will love you all alone come out of the rain

    G#                               Bb
And maybe there is something you can show me, maybe not
    G#                             Bb                     Gm         G#    Bb     Cm
And maybe your cold silence is the best thing that you've ever given me

Solo      G#    Bb    Cm      G#     Bb     C