So delicate so pure.crd

So Delicate, So Pure

Intro:     D        G

              Bm        G        D      G               D                      A
I'm losing my mind, I'm falling apart I wanna feel your heart and all I see is you
           Bm       G                D  G              D         F#m
I'm such a fool, to treat you like I do when I take my fears and throw them all on you

         D/G     A            Bm    G             D          A/F#m
But it's you, so delicate, so pure enough to seem unreal
         D/G     A           Bm        G            D          A/F#m
Yes it's you, so delicate so pure it's so hard to believe

            Bm         G              D       G              D                       A
I love your laugh, the way you say my name, I want you to be hard, I wanna know your pain
          Bm        G             D        G              D             F#m
I was so wrong, but now I see the truth, I blame it on my youth and I'm coming back to you


G                       A             G                         A
I love the way that you walk, and the music in the way that you talk
   Bm         G                         A                              A
Anybody gonna tell me that I'm crazy, I know with all my jealousy it's hard to live with me

Intro:   D    G

            Bm      G               D          G            D                        A
Here in the dark, I need you like I drug, take anything you want, the part of me you need
          Bm    G          D       G              D         F#m
Wash over me, desire has a face, I wanna make you see, I've nowhere else to be but with you