New kiss.crd

New Kiss

Intro:    F     G

F                          G                     F                        G  
I don't wanna hear another plastic love song and I don't need no more triviality
        Am            G                    F
Cause I know there is more that love could be 
        F                                  G                         F
But you know that's not to say that I know just what I want out of life. 
It doesn't mean that I feel hopeful everyday I'm alive            
             Am        G              F               
But when you smiled at me I felt many things, like lust and fear and dreams

And though it could hurt I've gotta try it anyway
When the door is flung wide open you don't stay inside your room all day
You go where there's a chance of losing the awful empty lie
          F                                 G
That it's better not to need anyone than to take the crazy uncertain ride 

           C                Gm
And it's a new kiss and I'm flying out there
  F                         G 
A great kiss and I'm crying in the streets
       C                   Gm
It's a killer kiss under a friendly rain
F       Eb          F       G   
Hear me now sell me joy and pain
           Eb   F         C
But at the best price you can

F                                G                F                              G  
I don't know much more than your first name but I might stick around till I know everything
        Am           G                F
Because who we could be remains to be seen is it the joke now or the dream
And I like the new beginning the slow show and tell
Sometimes I think the expectation is sweeter than the love itself
It's alright I'm gonna take my time I'm gonna take your mistery
              F                                        G
You know it's simple don't you try to ignore take your freedom when you're given the key


C         Gm         F         G
C         Gm         F      Eb     F    G